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Apulia was the cradle of ancient civilizations, land of dominations and conquests, guardian of great natural and artistic treasures. History, art and nature are the main elements that make Apulia a perfect destination for schools and field trips: lots of teaching routes are available to meet historic, artistic, cultural and environmental requirements.

Here is some historic marks still there on Apulia territory: the Stone Age with its dolmen and several archaeological findings, the Graecia Magna and Taras (Taranto), the Middle Age with Normans, Swabians and Anjous, the Imperial Apulia of Fredrick II and the Crusades era...

Historic and artistic based trips are available in the steps of Normans and Swabians and through lots of castles spread all over Apulia. You can admire the great worth of the Romanesque style in lots of cathedrals and churches or the baroque palaces built up with the famous stone of Lecce that makes the baroque a unique style in this region of Italy.

For an environmental or scientific based trip instead, Apulia offers parks and natural reserves where it´s possible to study and analyse different botanical species and where you can take a pleasant walk aiming for an environmental education. But if you´re looking for a much more amusing school trip the Safari Zoo in Fasano is a good opportunity to have a close look at jungle animals.

Apulia culture is craftwork as well: workshop activities are useful and funny to learn how to work clay and papier mâché.


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Holiday Residence
Strada Provinciale 65 Casamassima/Conversano Km 3,150 - Casamassima (Bari) Puglia
19,222 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Casamassima

Contrada Ottava Sn - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
12,923 people viewed this Bed and Breakfast in Fasano

Viale Canne 3, Spiaggia El Cohiba 59 - Pulsano (Taranto) Puglia
14,950 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Pulsano

Hotel Autostello
Piazzale Anelli - Castellana Grotte (Bari) Puglia
13,837 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Castellana Grotte

Masseria Spina Resort
Viale Aldo Moro, 27 - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
5,866 people viewed this Appartamenti e case per vacanza in Monopoli

Pellegrino Palace Hotel
Lungomare Enrico Mattei 77 - Vieste (Foggia) Puglia
2,269 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Vieste

Hotel Miramonti
Viale San Donato, 28 - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
6,007 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Fasano

Fattoria Rovello - B&B, Agriturismo, Masseria didattica
C.Da Rovello Snc, Prolungamento Di Via San Francesco - San Paolo Di Civitate (Foggia) Puglia
8,005 people viewed this Agriturismo in San Paolo Di Civitate

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