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Thanks to its clear sea, looking like a Caribbean sea, its Murgia gentle hills, its countries plunged into the Itria Valley, Apulia is the perfect set for a romantic holiday. There´s a wide choice for those who wants to regain or confirm their will to stay together. Apulia coast, with its golden beaches and rocky bays, offers quiet and hidden refuges for lovers where enjoy the hot summer sun. Whereas during the winter is also pleasant having a walk on the desert seashore while cuddling your lover or being enthralled by the stormy sea behind a warm hotel window sipping a fine wine and savouring fresh fruit. The best luxurious hotel are not the only one ready to welcome you: ancient residences, fortified farms are now equipped with spas and wellbeing centres where cuddling and being cuddled as well. Everything surrounded by enchanting Apulia landscapes: a sunset on the sea, the warm colours of the countryside, the whiteness of a whitewashed “trullo” are the best setting for your sweet and passionate dinner by candlelight.


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Trulli Acquarossa
Contrada Acquarossa - Cisternino (Brindisi) Puglia
10,422 people viewed this Bed and Breakfast in Cisternino

Masseria San Domenico
Litoranea 379 - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
11,881 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Fasano

Casale del Murgese
Contrada Pignata/Sarzano, Nc - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
6,530 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Fasano

Via Conversano 157 - Castellana Grotte (Bari) Puglia
7,685 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Castellana Grotte

Agriturismo Salinola
S.P. 29 Per San Michele Salentino-Proseguo Di Via Enrico Berlinguer - Ostuni (Brindisi) Puglia
6,838 people viewed this Agriturismo in Ostuni

Tenuta Monacelle
C.Da Aratico - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
14,586 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Monopoli

Villaggio Costa Ripa
C.Da Ripa - Rodi Garganico (Foggia) Puglia
57,309 people viewed this Villaggi Vacanze in Rodi Garganico

Masseria Don Luigi
Contrada Coccaro - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
22,364 people viewed this Bed and Breakfast in Fasano

Masseria Spina Resort
Viale Aldo Moro, 27 - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
5,144 people viewed this Appartamenti e case per vacanza in Monopoli

Masseria Fortificata Donnaloia
C.Da Losciale - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
7,682 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Monopoli

miniResidence Albachiara
Via Martino V, 47 - Porto Cesareo (Lecce) Puglia
12,122 people viewed this Residence in Porto Cesareo

Bed and Breakfast Villa Giuliana
Via Carretti, 6 - Arnesano (Lecce) Puglia
8,510 people viewed this Bed and Breakfast in Arnesano

La corte dei Trulli
Contrada Padalini - San Michele Salentino (Brindisi) Puglia
9,736 people viewed this Residence in San Michele Salentino

Viale Canne 3, Spiaggia El Cohiba 59 - Pulsano (Taranto) Puglia
14,252 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Pulsano

Pietrablu Resort & SPA
Contrada Fontanelle, 230 - Polignano A Mare (Bari) Puglia
9,894 people viewed this Hotel e Alberghi in Polignano A Mare

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