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There is no doubt that artistic, historical and cultural heritage in Apulia is the most important element to make it a tourist destination. Ancient history dwells on historic quarters, buildings and traditional habits.

To give evidence of it there are, for example, lots of castles. The castle is a symbol of domination and defence that recalls stories of kings and princes and that carries the visitor away in enchanted atmospheres. This is what you feel following the Imperial Apulia route and Frederick II´s steps who loved so much these lands. Normans, Swabians, Anjous and Aragones castles spread out on the territory and you will find one of it almost in every town, but first among the others to be mentioned is the UNESCO world heritage site of Castel del Monte, the mysterious eight-sided castle of Frederick II. Furthermore the watchtowers should be noted: these ancient fortresses built up along the coast will bring you back to the Saracens´ threats period.

Apulia is a mystical and spiritual land as well and the several cathedrals and basilicas are the symbol of it. Most of them are built up in the Romanesque style, a style that here in Apulia was turned into a unique style, the “Romanico pugliese”: a pleasing mix of western and eastern architectural elements, being Apulia a gateway to the eastern world. This unique style is clearly present in the northern and the central Apulia (Mattinata, Bari, Trani, Bitonto) as in the south it gives way to some luxurious Baroque buildings: here it is the “Barocco leccese”, distinguished by a local stone remarkable for its workable features.

Furthermore, as a cradle of ancient civilizations, Apulia guards lots of Roman, Greek and other peoples´ traces in its several museums and archaeological parks.

And what about the historic quarters? The UNESCO world heritage town of Alberobello is the most famous one, but all the others as well can offer an enchanting blast from the past thanks to some fine Renaissance palaces standing in medieval twisting streets where you can also find some craftwork workshops: earthenware whistles, pottery, embroidery, papier mâché, wrought iron. The historic centres are often the best set for touching religious ritual and historical re-enactments and for festivals and folk feasts that take place all year round to keep the tradition going on in this old-fashioned side of Apulia.


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Hotel Palazzo d'Erchia
Via Acquaviva D'Aragona, 116 - Conversano (Bari) Puglia
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Bed and Breakfast Masseria Santanna
Contrada Zecca, 284 - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
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Bed and Breakfast "La Masseria Sant'angelo"
Contrada Ciporrelli, 440 - Monopoli (Bari) Puglia
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La corte dei Trulli
Contrada Padalini - San Michele Salentino (Brindisi) Puglia
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Albatres Palace Hotel
Via Mesagne, 147 - San Vito Dei Normanni (Brindisi) Puglia
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Agriturismo Villa Conca Marco
Via Del Mare, S.N.C. - Vernole (Lecce) Puglia
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Trulli Holiday
Piazza Curri, 1 (Nei Pressi Della Basilica Dei Ss. Cosma E Damiano) - Alberobello (Bari) Puglia
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Hotel e Dimora Storica Corte dei Francesi
Via Roma, 138 - Maglie (Lecce) Puglia
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Hotel Masseria Beneficio
Contrada Beneficio - Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi) Puglia
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Hotel San Tommaso
Contrada Bagiolaro - Polignano A Mare (Bari) Puglia
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Masseria Palombara
S.P. 292 - C.Da Palombara - Salve (Lecce) Puglia
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Masseria Bandino
Via Uggiano - Otranto (Lecce) Puglia
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B&B Lamascopone - Masseria degli Ulivi
Contrada Lamascopone S.N. - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
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Hotel Eden
Via Potenza, 46 - Fasano (Brindisi) Puglia
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Trulli Antiche Dimore
C.Da Angelo Di Maglie - Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi) Puglia
10,660 people viewed this Appartamenti e case per vacanza in Ceglie Messapica

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