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1) Wide variety
220 accommodations including hotels, country houses, agritourism centers, villas, houses and apartments in all of Apulia.

2) Lower rates
Our accommodations on offer lower rates, guaranteeing sure savings for the customer.

3) Free booking doesn't apply any commission on booking service and doesn't ask any downpayment on any booking made.

4) No crediting on your bank account
Nothing will be credited on your bank account. The data is only necessary as a warranty when booking, and the remaining balance will always be paid at the accommodation picked by you.

5) Security and privacy
Personal information and credit card information given at time of booking are protected on secure servers and guaranteed by Thawte, world leader in security certifications.

6) Changes and cancellations
Through MIO GOPUGLIA, it's always possible to modify and/or cancel bookings without added costs.

7) Information and Assistance offers information on the territory, events and places to visit and every assistance necessary to complete booking of your vacation.

8) Maps and whereabouts
Only shows you all the nearest accommodations regarding your favorite destination and with its whereabouts and pinpointing it on the map.

9) The tourism districts presents an Apulia to be discovered with a division of tourism districts, in order to help select your vacation and suggests the best place according to your needs.

10) Trustworthy Partners
Gopuglia picks and supports qualified, trustworthy and coherent Partners. Visit the partners page.


On this page you will find all the answers to common questions when taking on something new.
To help you quickly, you can select one of the following.

Types of rooms
Credit card and payment
Booking services and conditions on accommodation


How can I research the accommodation for the period that I want?

Can I look for accommodations that have particular requirements and services? For example, such as a "private beach"?

Where can I find the address of the accommodation?

Where can I find information on how to get to the accommodation?


Types of rooms
What's the difference between a double room and a twin room?

Can we ask for extra single beds for children in the room?

Is it possible to ask for an extra bed for a third/fourth person in a double room and how much would it cost?


Are the rates according per person or per room?

Are there extra costs at booking, for example: fee?

Is breakfast included in the rate of the room?

Are taxes included in the rate of the room?

Are there reduced prices for those who belong to specific categories, like: airline employees, senior citizens, honeymooners, students, etc?

Do you give out coupons?


Credit card and payments
Why does ask for credit card information?

Does the accommodation ask for down payment?

What type of credit card can I use?

Can I pay in advance?

Can I pay the remaining balance with a credit card different from the one used at time of booking?

I have found that a sum was credited on my card. How and to whom should I ask a refund?

I don't own a credit card; can I still book?

Are my credit card's data well-kept? Is Gopuglia's website safe and protected?


How can I find out if my booking has gone through?

Can I book by phone or by mail?

I booked, but I didn't receive a confirming email; what can I do?

How many rooms can I book at once?

Is it possible to book for just one day?


Services and conditions of the Hotel
What are the hours for checking-in and checking-out a hotel?

By what means should I contact the accommodation selected if there are any anticipations or delays on my arrival?

If I arrive late at night, will there be any problems with reception?

Where can I be informed if the accommodation also has parking lots?

Does the accommodation also give transfer? How can I find out? And how can I book?
-You can see this service in the general description of the hotel, precisely in "The Accommodation and its services" section. All in all, it's necessary to contact the accommodation and decide with them, once the booking has been confirmed.
 Are pets accepted? How can I find out?

What should I do if I have a particular question regarding my room?


Changes and/or cancellation of booking

How can you cancel or change your booking?

Are there any added costs for cancelling?

Who will advise me that my booking has been cancelled?


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1) Wide variety. 2) Lower rates. 3) Free booking. 4) No crediting on your bank account. 5) Security and privacy. 6) Changes and cancellations. 7) Information and Assistance. 8) Maps and whereabouts. 9) The tourism districts. 10) Trustworthy Partners.
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