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Storia comune di Isole Tremiti provincia di Foggia

There are different stories about the place name. Maybe those part of land detached from Gargano promontory after an earthquake (“tremetus” or “trimerus”) o maybe formerly there were made of three mountains (“tre monti” in Italian). In the past they were called “Diomedes Islands”: after Troy’s destruction Diomedes, a Greek mythology hero, set up in Gargano area and in Tremiti Islands he died. During the 4th and 3rd centuries BC they were used as a prison. In the 9th century Benedictine monks from Montecassino founded an abbey. In 1334 they suffered the Saracens’ invasions and they were inhabited again in 1412 by other religious factions. In 1783 Ferdinand IV of Naples converted the abbey into a prison until 1843 when it was inhabited by some people coming from Naples.

Informazioni turistiche comune di Isole Tremiti provincia di Foggia

Just over 12 nautical miles off the Gargano promontory there are the “five pearls of Adriatic sea”, the Tremiti Islands. Actually they are three islands and two big rocks: San Domino is covered with a thick vegetation, it is the biggest and the most attractive island because of its clear sea, its bays and because it owns the only sandy beach of the islands; San Nicola is the business park of the islands, the most of the 360 inhabitants lives here and it is of more interest because it guards interesting historical buildings and ruins; Capraia is uninhabited; Cretaccio is a big yellow-coloured rock because of its clayey ground; Pianosa is the other big rock that is uninhabited and without vegetation. Tremiti Islands are part of the Garagano National Park and they are part of a nature reserve. The marine reserve is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean habitat thanks to its sea life plunged into enchanting marine scenery. Tremiti Islands got more than once the FEE Blue Flag and they are the ideal destination for nature lovers and for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday.

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Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Maria
Patronal Feast of the St Assumption
Patronal Feast of the St Assumption

Festa di San Nicola di Mira

Historical parade
Hotel e strutture ricettive a Isole Tremiti (Foggia) - Puglia

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