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ISCHITELLA Foggia (Puglia)
Sun and sea, Nature and welness

Storia comune di Ischitella provincia di Foggia

The place name probably comes from “ischio” that is a kind of oak, and from “tellus” that means “land”. The first document in which the town is mentioned dates back to 1058. It was a Swabian stronghold. It is now a growing tourism centre especially because it is part of the Gargano National Park.

Informazioni turistiche comune di Ischitella provincia di Foggia

Ischitella rises on a hill of olive groves and maquis on 300 meters above the sea level and it is part of the Gargano National Park. The town is full of springs and offers magnificent views from Tremiti Islands to Varano lake, where there is Foce Varano, the seacoast of Ischitella. In the historic centre there are the typical two-storey houses that overlook the narrow and twisting streets leading to the most important buildings: the Castle, the Saint Eustachio Church, Decata Palace and Saint Francesco convent.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Ischitella

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Ischitella

Chiesa del Crocifisso

Crocifisso di Varano

Siti di interesse storico culturale

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Ischitella provincia di Foggia

Patronal Festival of Saint Eustachio
Festa del Santissimo Crocifisso di Varano

Feast of the Assumption
Festival of livestock and fish
Festaggiamenti per S: Francesco d'Assisi

Incanto di Luna

Incanti di luna

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Ischitella (Foggia) - Puglia

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