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Storia comune di Ostuni provincia di Brindisi

The name probably comes from the Greek expression “Astu-neon”, meaning “new town”. It was certainly inhabited since the prehistory as shown by some dolmens existing in the neighbourhood and by the finding of Delia, a 25.000-year-old woman’s skeleton. Afterwards it was occupied by Japigi, Messapi, Otrogoths, Longobards, Turks, Swabians, Normans and Aragoneses. Few days before the unification of Italy, Ostuni was the first town in which there were already Italian flags flying.

Informazioni turistiche comune di Ostuni provincia di Brindisi

Ostuni stands on three Murgia’s hills covered with olive trees. It’s renowned as the “White city” because of its whitewashed houses, alleyways, squares in its historic centre. This is called “La Terra” and it’s a labyrinth of narrow streets that reminds an Arabic Kasbah, it’s round-shaped and rolls around the Cathedral. Ostuni attracts lots of tourists thank to its sea: 27 km of coast with sandy and rocky beaches so you can choose which one you prefer. According to an environmentalist Italian organization Ostuni offers a clean sea, well-equipped beaches and ideal beaches for children. The best shores are: Pilone, Rosa Marina, Monticelli, Villanova, Costa Merlata, Santa Lucia-Torre Pozzella.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Ostuni

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Ostuni


Guglia di Sant'Oronzo

Portale della Chiesa dello Spirito Santo

Piazza Libertà

Le marine di Ostuni



Museo di Civiltà Preclassiche della Murgia Meridionale

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Ostuni provincia di Brindisi

Festa patronale di San Biagio
Il 3 febbraio si festeggia San Biagio vescovo, martire, protettore di Ostuni. I cittadini si...

Fiera di San Giuseppe

St Ferdinando Fair
St Ferdinando Fair

St Peter Feast
Festa della Madonna della Grata

Festival of Old Times.
St Oronzo Patronal festival
Salento Finibus Terrae

Historical Parade equestrian Attacks
Emotion called Paper

Nutella Party Latino Live

Four Cats in concerto

Presepe vivente Ostuni XXXIX edizione

Flamenco live

Silvia Anglani Quintet

Videomapping Magmart Festival 2013 - 8a edizione

Nick the nightfly & The nice one 5set

Antichi frantoi

Funky Fingers Band live

Italian Style Band

Musica e Parole

Estate 2013 @ Giugrà

"I migliori anni" spettacolo canoro 60-70-80-90

Assaggio dei formaggi di Puglia

Antichi frantoi - a piedi nufdi lungo la via Traiana

Festacchione di fine estate con i Libera nos a malo - Ligabue Tribute Band

Oktober Beer Fest - Orchestra mancina live

Escursione a Lamacornola

Trekking dei Santi

Giornata etnobotanica - alla ricerca delle erbe spontanee alimentari

Trekking naturalistico archeologico

40^ Presepe vivente "biblico"

Cicloescursione tra il mare e la Via Traiana

Silent Disco a Ostuni

Escursione tra i ginepri secolari di Torre Pozzelle

Reset - Negrita Tribute Band Live

In mountainbike tra la costa e la via Traiana

Una mattinata in bici tra le prime orchidee selvatiche

Escursione ultrapanoramica alla Grotta dei Millenari

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Ostuni (Brindisi) - Puglia

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OSTUNI Tourism

Masseria Il Frantoio
Masseria “Il Frantoio” is at the heart of Armando and ...

Hotel Scoglio degli Achei
Hotel Scoglio of Achei is only 100 meters from the sea at Marina di Ostuni, ...

Hotel Incanto
The hotel Incanto is set in a beautiful framework surrounded by the ...

Agriturismo Salinola

Masseria Narducci
Masseria Narducci , farm for generations, became in 1991 one of the first ...

Hotel Miramonti
The hotel is located in the popular Selva di Fasano, in a panoramic position ...

bed and breafast federico II
The Bed and Breakfast Federico II is a rented property in the historic city ...

Canne Bianche Hotel & SPA
Nestled in an reserved area of 15.000 mq between the Torre Canne dunes and ...

Appartamenti Torre Canne
In the friendly resort of Torre Canne, in Brindisi, a few steps from the ...

Villa dei Pini
Elegant villa with pool composed of two independent dwellings surrounded by ...

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