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Storia comune di Brindisi provincia di Brindisi

Its first name was “Brunda”, a messapic word that means “stag head”, referring to the shape of the port; then the Romans turned it into “Brundisium”. It had always been the competing town of Taranto and it had its flourishing moments especially with the Romans and with Frederick II of Swabia, when it became the sailing port for crusaders. Furthermore Frederick II married his wife Isabella of Brienne just in the Cathedral of Brindisi. After the Unification of Italy and the opening of the Suez Canal it became the last station of the “India Mail” train (1870-1914) and during the Second World War it had the role of Italian Capital after Vittorio Emanuele III escape from Rome (September 1943-February 1944). Nowadays Brindisi is an industrial centre flourishing in chemicals and energy fields. 

Informazioni turistiche comune di Brindisi provincia di Brindisi

Brindisi stands on a plain territory overlooking on the Adriatic Sea. It’s a very old city, rich in history and traditions. In fact in the old town it preserves important archaeological findings and lots of monuments belonging to different times: from the Swabian Castle (the so-called “Great Castle” or “Land Castle”) to the Aragones Castle, close to the sea, from the Cathedral to the two Romans columns, always recognized as a symbol of the town. Brindisi has a beautiful coast, sandy and rocky as well, where there are lots of beaches that shows enchanting landscapes with some old watchtowers. Whereas in the inland parts of the town there are lots of fortified farms (“masserie”) plunged into a sweep of hundred-year-old olive trees where you can follow the olive route or the wine route. Its environmental heritage it’s such interesting that there are some nature reserves (the most important one is the WWF Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto). But Brindisi keeps its importance thanks to its port (an active port for its good communications with Greece, Albania and Turkey) and also for its airport. In Brindisi there is also the UNLB and the WFP-UNHRD.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Brindisi

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Brindisi


Chiesa di San Benedetto

Chiesa della Santissima Trinità o di Santa Lucia

Chiesa del Cristo

Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli

Chiesa di Santa Teresa

Chiesa San Giovanni Sepolcro

Museo Archeologico Provinciale "Francesco Ribezzo"

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Brindisi provincia di Brindisi

Festa patronale San Teodoro d'Amasea e San Lorenzo
Si festeggia in occasione dei santi patroni della città, San Teodoro d'Amasea e San Lorenzo....

Corpus Christi procession or the horse saved
Trofeo Auto d'epoca
Giro della retta di Brindisi, le vie Imperiali, Trofeo Internazionale di Auto d'Epoca.


gruit calls Europe

Brindisi classica - XXVIII edizione

Buenos Aires Report - Contramilonga

A cena col Jazz vol.2

Rassegna Azzurro Salentino 2012

Rassegna Azzurro Salentino 2013

Brindisi Natalle 2012 - Culturamiamo

Toromeccanica live

Franco Battiato - Apriti Sesamo live

Nella quotidianità

Attenti a quei due......due brindisini che ritornano

#invasionidigitali in puglia

Raduno auto d'epoca

Raphael Gualazzi

La band brindisina Miope in concerto

Note d'autuore estate 2013 - The Bumps


Pale d'altare al Map

Gino Paoli e Danilo Rea in "Due come noi che..."

Sui passi di Federico II

Meeting di volontariato 2013

Diwan, L'essenza del reale

Chiara in concerto - Un posto nel mondo tour

La Magia del Cioccolato

Brindisi Classica - Concerto di Natale

Assenzaessenza. Installazione Site Specific della Natività di Andrea Buttazzo

I Sovversivi

Insintesi Live Dj Set


Salut D'Amour

INA - Arte del Manifesto


Niccolò Fabi - Costruire una canzone

Kool & The Gang in concerto

Motel Connection live

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Brindisi (Brindisi) - Puglia

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