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Storia comune di Castellana Grotte provincia di Bari

The name comes from “Castellania”, that means “house of the castellan”, and in 1950 the word “Grotte” (that means “caves”) was added to indicate the presence of the karstic caves discovered in 1938. Probably it rose up in the middle age thanks to the monks of the Benedictine convent in Conversano, nearby the town, but the first document in which it is mentioned dates back to the X century. The monks and then the abbesses ruled the town until the XII century and later, after the plunder of the Hungarian army, it became part of the Conversano county.  

Informazioni turistiche comune di Castellana Grotte provincia di Bari

The town is renowned to be the best place in Apulia to admire the karstic subsoil: there is no doubt that Castellana caves is one of the most important speleologist complex in Italy, and among the main tourist destination in Apulia. In the historic centre of Castellana there is the main church, Saint Leone Magno church, and the little white houses developed side by side beside the church. The town is furthermore distinguished by the “chianche”, a calcareous slab, used for paving streets and for building “trulli” and fortified farms (“masserie”) spread all around the countries that are especially planted with vineyard and olive, almond and cherry trees.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Castellana Grotte

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Castellana Grotte

Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi

Convento dei Frati Francescani


Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Castellana Grotte provincia di Bari

Festa dei Falò - La notte delle Fanove
Per l'anniversaio della preservazione dalle peste, in città ardono oltre 50 giganteschi...

Festa della Madonna della Vetrana

-Impanata- Festival
Festa dei Santi Patroni Maria Santissima Consolatrice e San Leone Magno

Sagra del pollo e del coniglio

Festa del Caroseno

Festa di San Francesco

Sagra dell'orecchietta
IX edizione della Sagra dell’Orecchietta. La serata sarà accompagnata dalla musica dei...

Sagra del Polpo e Prosecco

Hell in the Cave

La Distrazione - Negramaro Tribute Band


Celebrazioni religiose e premiazioni fanovisti

75° compleanno delle Grotte di Castellana

Lça Via Crucis nelle Grotte di Castellana

Festa d'estate 2013

Evento Sposi

Presepi in Grotta

La Notte del Fuoco a Castellana Grotte

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Castellana Grotte (Bari) - Puglia

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