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Storia comune di Altamura provincia di Bari

There are some legends about Altamura’s origins. The most famous are Althea and Altello’s legends. Althea is the queen of the Myrmidons, a mythological Greek population who disembarked on the Adriatic coast: from the name of the queen comes the name of Altamura. Another legend cites Altello, a Trojan hero: Altello left Troy with Aeneas and, while Aeneas carry on towards Latium region, Altello stopped in Apulia where he found “Alter Illium” that means “Other Troy”, hence the name of Altamura. But according to the history the name comes from its high megalithic walls (“Alta” means high and “mura” means walls). In the territory there was a previous settlement dating back to the Bronze age, but only in the Middle age it had its importance thanks to Fredrick II of Swabia. Then the town became a fief of lots of aristocratic families, but Altamura always strove for freedom: there are so many events about this aim that Altamura is also called “the lioness of Apulia”.  

Informazioni turistiche comune di Altamura provincia di Bari

Altamura is placed at the borderline between Apulia and Basilicata regions and it’s renowned in Italy for its typical bread, the first European product to be awarded with the “dop” mark (protected designation of origin). Traditionally it’s a farming centre: its climate and its good position in the region encourage the production of wheat and all its by-products. Altamura is part of the National Park of Murgia Upper Hills, one of the natural reserve placed in its territory; in Altamura there is also a “pulo”, the largest karstic doline in Apulia, which is a natural reserve as well. Walking around the historical centre you can admire enchanting alleyways and the typical “claustri”, a kind of ancient alleyways ending into courtyards, where families once shared their lives. Furthermore you can’t miss a visit to the Cathedral, commissioned by Fredrick II (a special example of Apulia Romanesque) and to the dinosaurs cave, an archaeological site in which there are still some dinosaurs’ footprints. Among the other archaeological findings there is also the so-called “Man of Altamura”, a Palaeolithic man’s skeleton.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Altamura

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Altamura

Corso Federico di Svevia




Chiesa di San Nicola dei Greci

Chiesa Madonna dei Martiri

Museo Archeologico Statale

Archivio Biblioteca Museo Civico

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Altamura provincia di Bari

Festa di San Giuseppe
In occasionie vengono preparati nelle via della cittadina grandi falò.

Festival of the Assumption and St. Irene
Procession of Our Lady
St Irene Feast
St Irene Feast

Falò dell'Annunziata

Sagra del Fungo Cardoncello

Mostra di Natale
Mostra di presepi nei locali del Simone Viti Maino.

Notte Bianca dei Claustri


Gli Stadio in concerto

Il genio di Mozart

Note di celluloide - le più belle colonne sonore

Processione del Venerdì Santo e Passione di Cristo

Vino a Teatro


XXXIII Rassegna del Presepio Artigianale ed Artistico di Altamura

Umberto Tozzi in concerto

Federicus - centro antico Altamura

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Altamura (Bari) - Puglia

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