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Apulia is awaiting to make you live different emotions all at eyeful!.
Apulia will lavish you history, memories, music and legends with its 700 kilometer-long coast surrounded by a crystaline sea, awarded with many blue banners (In Italy, the seas are classified with colored banners based on their cleanliness); the liveliness of the landscape, the pungent wildness of the Murge (Apulia's mountainous region), the immense golden sea of grain from the Tavoliere (Apulia's plains) or the small white towns built on the cliffs of the Gargano, with its past crossed by thousands of sea and land routes, that remind one of memorable wanderings, both mythical and historical.

Come to Apulia and you'll be surprised and fascinated---spellbounded!

Apulia is an all-around tourist attraction. If you are looking for touring in nature, you won't be disappointed by its national parks, the sea and forest reserves, the coasts and mountains embellished with grottos (caves), the ravines, and not to mention the Tremiti Islands.

If you are looking for spiritual tourism, Apulia is a place of worship, with places such as Monte Sant'Angelo, San Giovanni Rotondo and Santa Maria di Leuca. Apulia is a land of ancient civilization that is also characterized by its historical-cultural tourism: the Salentine Baroque, Castel del Monte, the Romanic-style churches spread throughout the territory, the Norman or Aragon castles, the rocky crypts, the ancient suburbs, the dolmens and the menhirs, the fortressed country houses, the towers lined along the coasts, dry-stoned constructions, the thermal spas and the trulli of the Itria Valley. Let's not forget the accomodations available for tourists, all of high level: country houses, agritourism centers, hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and vacation houses.

For those who come and visit our beauty-filled region, imagine what an incredible welcome we are ready to offer you. From one end to the other of Apulia, this region offers the possibility for many vacations, different from one another, all within kilometers from each other.

Puglia tourist districts

Appennino Dauno Appennino Dauno »
The province of Foggia is also known as Daunia and it takes its first and ancient name from a legendary king who came from Greece. Nowadays with...

Brindisino Brindisino »
The province of Brindisi looks up on to the Northeast of the Adriatic Sea and it is bounded by the province of Lecce and Tarentum in the Southwest;...

Gargano Gargano »
Rocky mountains that leans on the Southern Adriatic Sea forms this Apulian Sub-region, called Gargano. The Mount Calvo is the highest mountain....

Golfo Jonico Golfo Jonico »
The Ionian Gulf includes the coastline of Tarentum, that has no high coastline but it is full of sandy bays soaked by the crystal-clear sea and...

Murge Murge »
The Murgia (or Murge) is a large Apulian sub-region that identifies itself as a rectangular-shaped karst tableau on mountains which detach from...

Puglia Imperiale Puglia Imperiale »
It is a land of a high historical and monumental privilege in perfect association with nature. Andria, Barletta, Bisceglie, Canosa di Puglia,...

Salento Salento »
Salento covers the Southern part of Apulia and for this reason is called the heel of Italy. The peninsula salentina is located between the...

Tavoliere Tavoliere »
The Tavoliere (Apulian Table) is a prehistoric seabed that originated the largest Italian plain, after the Pianura Padana. It covers a surface of...

Terra di Bari Terra di Bari »
Terra di Bari is a flat and straight area which includes the territory of the capital of the region, Bari. The city is one of the most...

Valle d'Itria Valle d'Itria »
The Valley of Itria is the lowest part of the Murge where three provinces of Apulia meet, that is Bari, Tarentum and Brindisi. Here you can...


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